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Panorama Banana Opening Reception

Panorama Banana

Panorama Banana

    It’s big, so very BIG.
    An event to fill, challenge, and dilate even the most demanding ocular orifices.
    GIVE IN TO THE LIGHT, that it may bathe your mind with sensuous vision.
    Let yourself go, to wander upon the sacred object of contemplation.
    EXPLORE its tapered contours, its smooth responsive yellow skin, the promise of sublimation.
    Now peel back, slowly...
    you have all the time in the world to reveal its succulent interior.
    The sweet white flesh that begs...
    Oh BANANA, may you forever be Hygienic

The Resident Sextet of Hygienius are here to welcome and guide you on a magical tour, featuring new wonders by Ryan Whiston, Michael McNabney, Elisha Schauer, Krista Stanowicz, Susan Hickman, and Troy Zaushny.

Panorama Banana - Hygienic Residents Show
HAPPENING Friday, September 15, 7-10pm | Exhibition runs until October 14th, 2017

The Hygienic Resident Artist Program will offer support to emerging artists. Residents have frequent opportunities to participate in Gallery Shows and Hygienic programming. The resident program offers a supportive environment for artists to explore their skill set, gain feedback and expand their professional network. Every year, the resident artists put together a group show in the underground gallery. This year, Hygienic's resident artists present to you, Panorama Banana!

The Artists:

Michael McNabney

Elisha Schauer: Elisha Schauer graduated from Lyme Academy College of fine arts in 2010. She was born and raised in Lancaster PA and has relocated to New London CT where she has lived for the last 6 years. She is now a professional tattoo artist at New London Ink. Representation and non-representation coexist in her work to blur the ideals of reality and bring you into her pop surrealist world. Elisha's creatures seem to search for meaning, substance, and identity in a toxic, quirky, and unfamiliar environment. Interest and confusion about pop culture and mass media leads her to work in an explosion of materials including; acrylic, Xerox collage, ball point pen, cardboard, vinyl records, or whatever I can find. Elisha's work is bright, and creepy, it’s something I’ve come to describe as “Whimsical Grit”. She truly enjoy using the overabundance of garbage in our culture to obscure the definition between precious or pathetic.

Ryan Whiston is an artist born and raised in eastern Connecticut. He attended Quinebaug Valley Community College and Central Connecticut State University and has shown his work in several cities across southern New England. While in school he primarily used oil paint, focusing on pointillism and realism before branching out into mural painting and street art. He now uses gouache and watercolor to piece together vibrant, maximalist paintings using a stream of consciousness technique to create his compositions. His paintings are based on a diverse set of influences including everything from abstract expressionism and pop art to 90s era cartoons.

Krista Stanowicz: Krista Stanowicz was born and raised in Connecticut and took many art classes during her youth and teenage years. During her last years of high school she decided she would like to pursue a career in the arts and started taking her skills seriously. After high school she received her Associates Degree in Fine Arts from Quinnebaug Valley CC, then transferred to Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts and graduated with a BFA in drawing in 2013. Since graduation Krista has been partaking in group art shows, solo commissions, produce art in her studio and help paint murals in downtown New London Ct.

Susan Hickman: Susan Hickman was born a twin in rural Ohio. She grew up in a small town and ending up studying graphic design and photography at Ohio University. She moved to New York for a year before making her way out to the New England area where she has spent the last 15 years. Susan is an eclectic mixed media artist working with paper, acrylic, ink, found objects, graphic design, clothing design, photography and more. She enjoys experimenting with texture and color and finds making work of any kind, and exploration and an escape

Troy Zaushny: Troy is a printmaker, painter, and muralist from New London, Ct. His work is a contemplation of the natural world, consciousness, and spiritual identity as they are being transformed by technology. Though incorporating imagery from popular culture, observation, and dreams, his rich colorful visions also explore the influences of faith and fantasy on our evolution.

  • September 15, 2017
  • 7:00 pm