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Modal Realism Opening Reception

Modal Realism by Troy Zaushny

image: "Let's Dance" 2017 Oil on canvas, 54" x 84"

Modal Realism: Featuring works by Hygienic Resident Artist Troy Zaushny

Opening Reception: Friday, September 15, 7-10pm
Exhibition runs until Saturday, October 14th

Modal realism is the view propounded by David Kellogg Lewis that all possible worlds are as real as the actual world. It is based on the following tenets: possible worlds exist; possible worlds are not different in kind from the actual world; possible worlds are irreducible entities; the term actual in actual world is indexical, i.e. any subject can declare their world to be the actual one, much as they label the place they are "here" and the time they are "now"...” - From wikipedia

In this exhibit, artist Troy Zaushny explores this concept and the nature of reality in a new body of work. Here the term “Modal Realism” is also proposed as an artistic form or “ism” such as surrealism or impressionism, where the significance of the process or mode in which a work is created is equal to its subject and outcome.


Troy Zaushny is a printmaker, painter, and muralist from New London, Ct. His work is a contemplation of the natural world, consciousness, and spiritual identity as they are being transformed by technology. Though incorporating imagery from popular culture, observation, and dreams, his rich colorful visions also explore the influences of faith and fantasy on our evolution.

  • September 15, 2017
  • 7:00 pm